Welcome to the home of
BeanTown Lockers
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Welcome to the home of
BeanTown Lockers
0 to 90 MPH!


Friday has arrived! But it’s not just any Friday—it’s just over a week away from our next 
“Funky Friday:: An Interlocking Invitational,” which ironically falls on a Saturday and EXCITINGLY features the one & only Flukey Luke!
What was it like being one of the original members of The Lockers? Well…FLUKY LUKE will tell us firsthand!
What are some of his favorite signature Locking steps? Well…FLUKY LUKE will show us the way!
What is Dance / Locker Rap all about? Well…FLUKLY LUKE will perform an original number!
So, mark your calendars—next Sat. Feb. 27th at 1pm PST / 4pm PST 
via Zoom 
( Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82266739539 (psswrd 379334). yo!)
—cuz we funkin’ for February with the legendary Locker FLUKY LUKE!
Big up to @bila_monster of @theflavorcontinues for the funky fresh flier and to Boston Foundation for supporting this Edu-tational & Funk-sprirational online engagement!


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Get the latest scoop on BTL's journey!
About Us
Find Out More About this Wild Dynamic Crew!
BTL was founded in 2010 by Carl Alleyne and Kenzie "Illnest" Joseph. Our mission is to spread the art form of Locking throughout New England and the world!
We are New England's Premier Locking Dance Crew. We've performed on venues such as Fenway Park for "Elmundo Festival" and Club Oberon. We were featured on Channel 7. We produced our own theatrical production "Vaudeville Funk" where we had the founder of Locking himself, "Don Campbellock" Campbell was featured along with his soon Dennis "DDouble" Denehy.
We are excited to share this dance and our joy with you! If you want to see and or learn this dance, you've come to the right place!

Tap Lock
Milla Tyme
Leo Lock

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New England Lock Shop!

Lock Shop!!!

Physical class!
Saturday is the place the to be for locking this week! 
New England Lockshop
Time: Saturdays @ noon
Place: BCCA 500 Kendall Street, Cambridge
Cost: $12.00
Payment: Venmo: @ Jane-leo, PayPal: jleoreiki@gmail.com

** Physical Classes Are Every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saturday @ noon **
Place: BCCA 500 Kendall Street, Cambridge

Catch Coach Carl every 3rd Saturday of the month when Lockshop goes virtual. 
Cost: $12.00

Open Sessions!!!

Beantown Lockers  hosts free & open Locking sessions  on Mondays from 8:30-10:00pm at the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (500 Kendall St.) & in conjunction with @theflavorcontinues .

This is a limited-edition Locker-tunity with a 10-person limit / session. To keep ery’buddy safe, we require facial coverings and social distancing.

To secure your spot, please message us at this link here with your name, email, and cell number at least two hours in advance.

The music will be funk-related & the vibes will be positive. So, hit us up then drop on in to learn some steps or to just catch a groove with your friendly neighborhood funksters!

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